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Attorney General Candidate Larkin Proposes Crime Relief Support for Local Prosecutors

Crime is out-of-control in Washington.
We need an Attorney General focused on REAL solutions to keep our communities safe.

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Matt Larkin, a lifelong Washington resident, lives in Woodinville with his wife Shelly and their 4 small children. In his spare time Matt enjoys bike riding and kayaking with his family, coaching his kids in YMCA youth basketball, and little league baseball. The Larkin Family are active members of Timberlake Church in Redmond. Matt is engaged with his community, including charities supporting our first responders, the homeless, and victims of domestic violence. Matt also sits on the Board of Trustees for the Evergreen Health Foundation.

He graduated from Westmont College with a Double Major (BA) in Political and Social Science. From there, Matt went on to earn his law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law (JD), and his Masters of Law Degree (LLM) from George Washington School of Law. He is an active member of the Washington and Oregon Bar Associations and is licensed to practice law in both states. Matt has worked as a Prosecutor for Pierce County and served as a Rule 9 Prosecuting Extern in Spokane County.

Matt began his career working as an intern in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives where he assisted in empowering private charities to obtain federal aid. He later worked in White House Communications where he served as an Associate Director of Presidential Speechwriting for the former President of the United States.

He is currently working as Chief Legal Counsel for his family’s manufacturing business in Bothell. Making their products right here in the USA, they employ over 500 people, and bring clean drinking water to people all over the world.

Matt entered this race because we are out of time—Washington cannot afford another 4 years in the wrong direction. Washingtonians needs a fresh perspective, and real solutions to homelessness, drug abuse, and crime. Matt is not a career politician and will bring real world solutions to these problems. He is excited to meet these challenges head on and serve as your next Attorney General.

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Enforce the Laws

It is the duty of the Attorney General’s office to enforce our laws and make sure the people of our state are treated fairly, given justice, and their rights protected. As your Attorney General, I will put the rule of law first, follow up on those who are breaking the law, and make sure our citizens know someone is standing up for them. I’ll also defend the state and federal constitutions, including the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Washingtonians. For too long, our Attorney General has been silent as crime and chaos are on the rise. I have a detailed crime plan which addresses this ongoing problem. We need real solutions!

Crack Down on Drug Abuse

Drugs are so prolific and unprosecuted in our communities; they might as well be legal. Despite the raging harm they cause to families and lives, very few drug cases are properly handled by our courts. I will support efforts to seek out dealers and drug makers who are flooding our streets with narcotics and put them behind bars. Those who struggle with addiction should have access to rehabilitation and given the resources they need to break free from dependency.

Support Police Officers

On the front lines every day, our men and women on the police force deserve our respect and support. I am dedicated to making sure they have the tools, training, and resources to do their job well and meet the needs of their communities. I will also make sure their work is appreciated by the legal system they answer to; right now, many cases are not prosecuted properly, which is disrespectful to the officers who dealt with the crime. We will take police work seriously and make their job easier by following through on their efforts. Our brave men and women in uniform need to know that their Attorney General will always have their back!

Provide Real Solutions to Homelessness

It is a great tragedy in Washington that so many human lives are affected by homelessness. This has an incredible impact on our communities, and we must find a way to bring hope, opportunity, and recovery to our neighbors. As your Attorney General, I will approach these issues with compassion and look for real solutions.


Too often the high tax burden imposed on small business owners and struggling families cripples their ability to grow and thrive. I believe in lower taxes and small, accountable government. Washingtonians don’t need higher taxes! What we need are elected officials who have actual business experience and who will spend your money wisely and responsibly. Our state has been run by career politicians for too long and it’s time for someone in Olympia with a fresh approach.












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Matt Larkin is honored to be endorsed by the following:

Ken Eikenberry (Former two-term WA State Attorney General)
Dino Rossi
Bill Bryant
Kirby Wilbur (Radio Talk Show Host and former State Republican Party Chairman)
Lars Larson (Radio Talk Show Host)
State Senator Steve O’Ban
State Senator Mike Padden
State Senator Doug Ericksen
State Rep. Jim Walsh
State Rep. Tom Dent
State Rep. Jesse Young
State Rep. Robert Sutherland
State Rep. Luane Van Werven
J.T. Wilcox (House Republican Leader)
Dave Reichert (Fmr US Representative and King County Sheriff)
Mayor John Kartak (City of Snohomish)
King County Republican Party
Kitsap County Republican Party
Benton County Republican Party
Island County Republican Party
Snohomish County Republican Party
Whatcom County Republican Party
Franklin County Republican Party
Island County Young Republicans
Mark Miloscia (Former State Senator)
Gigi Talcott (Former State Representative)
Reagan Dunn (King County Councilman)
Sheriff Bill Benedict (Clallam County)
Sheriff John Hilderbrand (Asotin County)
Sheriff Ray Maycumber (Ferry County)
Sheriff Jim Raymond (Franklin County)
Sheriff Drew Hyer (Garfield County)
Sheriff Tony Hawley (Okanogan County)
Sheriff Mark Howie (Wahkiakum County)
Sheriff Joe Helm (Columbia County)
Sheriff Brian Burnett (Chelan County)
Debbie Blodgett (Chairwoman of the Snohomish County Republican Party)
Dave McMullen (Chairman of the Pierce County Republican Party)
Ron Talcott (Former Chairman of Pierce County Republican Party)
Lynda Gerpheide (Chairwoman of the San Juan County Republican Party)
Tony Stephens (Chairman of the Kitsap County Republican Party)
Phil Wilson (Chairman of the Mason County Republican Party)
Joe Marine (Former Mayor of Mukilteo)
Javier Figueroa (Former Mayor of University Place)
Major General USAVR Raymond W. Coffee (Commanding General State of Emergency Command)
Jeff McMorris
Sarah McMorris

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